Memphis Shades Batwing Windshield Fairing

what’s going on Rob fish here for pike bandit calm with Tyler from Memphis Shades bringing you more of the latest and greatest this is the big boy this is the daddy the pinochle the premiere right yeah this is uh if you need one protection on your motorcycle this is the bathroom fairing this is exactly what you need this is the largest item in our entire product lineup and this was actually our first bearing you know we’ve always been around in the industry making windshields whether it’s a sports shield or traditional fat source limbs and in 2008 we came out with that wing fairing and this model here this is our Harley fairing and we make there’s actually five different Memphis Shades bearings and they’re a little bit of model specific most Harley’s use this bearing here the smaller Harley’s like the Dyna lineup they use a smaller fairing we also have a smaller metric fairing same shape two inches narrower so it flows with the bike a little better the Harley side of things like the Fat Bob dual headlights we make of hearing for the only people that make a fairing for a dual head like that Bob bike we also have for some of the metrics on the Kawasaki some of the Yamahas we made a special fairing just for them so that when you put a bat Memphis Shades batwing fairing on your motorcycle it looks like motorcycle fairings

it came from the factory like that the fit around the headlight will be very very nice it’s gonna flow with the handlebars nice and we want to make sure everybody when they get it on there not only is the function absolutely amazing but the the aesthetics of the thing really really nice this looks slick and this is they all come blacked out yeah every product is black but because it’s thermoform plastic there’s no body work required this is what we call class-a finish okay if you wanted to paint this to match your bike all you have to do is a scuff prime paint body shops can get color matched paint we’ve actually painted a few for some of our display bikes in our booths around the country so and we see a lot of them custom painted when I go to rallies and things people will purchase these and they’ll take home like right a few boots down and get them all pinstriped up very very easy to paint very customizable you know you see here this is like the standard ferry fairing windshield we also offer some stainless steel trim strips here both polished stainless steel which is a very chrome-like finish and also an e coated black with some edge different edge designs awesome there’s six times two trim strips so for just a little bit more investment you can really make things look cool we also offer a storage bag that mounts behind the windshield here we offer two styles of storage bags form so you can really custom customize this thing for you if you can see down here there’s going to be three holes down here in the bottom we have wind deflectors for 2495 you can choose your color of wind deflector and it really helps if you’re getting a lot of side-to-side buffeting on your on your head actually what you need is more deflection down low that air comes in down low goes up your torso by the time it leaves your shoulders it’s very turbulent and that’s what moves your head side to side okay so for 2495 you can fix that issue a lot of people do that that’s that that’s pretty slick I mean I mean Joe I’m just visioning in my head you have a bike up whatever color and then you can keep this as that that very very satiny rich black and then you can get those wings in a variety of colors as well yeah yeah whether it’s a garden orange to blue to purple anything like that sure you can you can dial it in now the windscreen themselves because the batwing fairing is one part number your fairing it you’re your shield itself is another right and that comes in Heights yes okay and and 2008 zx6r fairings we have two different styles right here we’re showing you what I call the straight windshield and we offer the straight in a five inch height which is about right here seven nine and this is a twelve and then we also have our spoiler windshields now spoiler windshields are a little bit more expensive they’re of about fifteen dollars more however they have a curvature in the top of them and it deflects nearly three inches of wind so you’re able to run a much a three inch lower shield which in most riders opinion the lower the cooler looks so you ever run a three inch lower shield than you typically would but still we have the wind protect and we all saw those in five six and a half and nine inch heights so like a nine inch smaller windshield functions like a twelve inch straight windshield and that’s a very very popular option now and the not only the height different but they’re also different colors as well yeah the straight windshields are available in all eight of our colors whether it’s our like very lightly tinted solar version okay or he’ll like your rubies your teals your yellows black as you see here those are all available they’re super and then our our spoiler windshields those are available in a color called ghost which is black on the bottom and it fades to a light black tint on the top and then we have solar which is black on the bottom and fades up to a light bronze tint which you know like our solar windshield a there’s a bronze tint but don’t let that scare you away you know it’s a very very light tint very good color option and we also have it in a dark smoke with a darker soliton this is slick I mean this is this is stout this is uh I mean if you’re looking for the utmost in wind protection yet this is the king of the hill and yeah a lot of people buy these what I see people doing if they don’t want to keep it on the bike all the time this has an O’Toole trigger lock removal system okay slip two latches and the thing pulls off the bike so what I see a lot of people do they go on long trips they have this on their motorcycle they get to where they’re going they pop it off and then cruise around town with that out on their nice you’re ready to go home pop it back on and you’re getting that full protection this gives you full hand protection with with OEM stock handlebars it gives you full hand protection excellent torso protection I tell people a lot of times once you ride with a batwing fairing you won’t ever want a tour with anything else that was the case for me when I started with the company I was into the really small windshields things like that I got caught out in the bad weather one day on our show bike with a battling on it and I finally learned what it was like to ride in comfort you know it’s such a good product and his product I believe in it’s a product that sells unbelievably well this is this is this is pretty slick so the batwing fairing comes in you said five different configurations yeah the shield you have configurations color options but the mounts are specific to the machine yeah mom okay Pacific mounts so when your own bike bandit calm you’re shopping around you you want to choose your bike and then you can find out exactly which fairing you need to order so you ordered your fairing one part number then you pick your windshield like

you said different heights two different styles of windshields multiple colors pick that windshield out that you think is gonna work for you it’s kind of hard to measure for a batwing fairing and you know your overall height is important however I’ve seen riders you know a rider might have a long torso and then there you know in shorter legs will for windshields your torso height is what you’re worried about right also from bike to bike the relationship between where the headlight is mounted and where the seat is that ratio there kind of makes a big difference so what you want to do kind of figure it out typically know this is you know just a rough estimate a rider that’s 510 – uh – probably six foot tall okay they’re gonna be about in that six inch sometimes some of the riders are one a nine inch shield so kind of based off that a lot of people just want a very low cool looking shield so they’re gonna definitely go towards more the five inch model right if you like a lot of protection sometimes you don’t mind if you’re super tall you’re gonna look over it anyway but you might want to go up to a straight 12 inch shield like you see here that’s gonna give you a ton of protection if you don’t mind looking through it every now and then it’s gonna be there for you typically we like to keep a windshield to tip the riders nose right and 2006 gsxr 600 fairings to give them the most protection but able they’re also able to see over it but with the batwing fairing you you’re kind you’re gonna have to guess just a little bit but a good rule of thumb if you’re between five ten six foot tall you’re me right in that six to nine range depending on how much protection you need excellent excellent well this thing looks super slick a lot of options a lot of choices Tyler from Memphis Shades bringing you the knowledge if you got more questions though please pick up the phone and call us send us an email you can click on the little support tab right here I mean that’s that that’s just money right there you know when it’s done right you can appreciate that when you can actually see it and I am you know holding it in my hand and you look in the fit and the finish made in the u.s. oh yeah everything’s made right outside of Memphis Tennessee there you have it Rob fish for bike bandit calm saying preciate the business we’ll see you soon we love you so you should like us on Facebook YouTube Twitter and Instagram thanks for joining us we’ll see you soon [Applause]

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