Ducati 1199 Panigale S The ultimate superbike test Review

today we here on the Spanish racetrack Icarus with the new penny garden our colleagues from PS motto lad and the Spanish mutter cheek lismo are going to hit the gas and so we’ve brought some imposing pictures for you [Applause] [Applause] what we saw the presentation of Tabuk artis with all his performance data and electronica overkill everybody thought that this is gonna be the big hammer for this season everybody thought that dish bike is gonna burn down everything to ashes but now what was the reason that some 10 seconds were missing in comparison to yamaha r1 fairings the BMW n Aprilia is it the track well is there just some general changings necessary in the setup regarding all the data and paper that we could hear about basically the expectations and this Ducati were known as the high what was the reason now for these ten seconds missing I can tell after a few laps we can notice a high wear of the tires so

the lap time got worse each lap and apparently there’s still work to be done on the setup regarding the rear suspension while accelerating out of curs it’s still very wrigley there’s a lot of moving on the rear we could say it pumps I think that here’s a lot of progress possible with some additional time still a lot can be done here [Applause] [Applause] the dishwasher was an extra positive surprise for you and at which point did you expect more of the bikes well I got surprised by the Ducati I’ve been driving Ducati for the past few years and they did large steps forward the bike is very precise everything works very well the automatic shift everything about their bike is very good the racetrack here is very very narrow maybe on a wider restrict and utakata can can play with this power more yeah it’s possible but it takes down to the two to the ratio of the by to be caring but for sure yamaha r6 fairings the Panigale is perfect bike it’s a really good bike with feeling fights and turning in the corner but we have a little bit problem with the rear suspension I don’t really get the feeling from the rear but the front and the mid corner speed is it’s guns my hind um thousand uh in the paddock of the thousand cubic division the Ducati Panigale is outshining but how was it here around the smaller track well we have to see that the Ducati has 190 brake horsepower and that is pretty a lot for a two cylinder engine

it is the most powerful and serious produced 2 cylinder engine though in the middle range it doesn’t have that much power because of the focus on maximum power therefore you have to choose the right gear to be able to reach the performance at the best the chassis is very tight much easier to handle than the previous model the 1198 it’s very stable but you have to get used to it get used to its engines character and it’s tied chassis ok I just played around a bit on the screen and different setups it’s amazing I think you just can’t put confidently besides the user’s manual can you surely you need to absolve a three-semester studies to be able getting to know all these setups we have three basics let’s start with that race sport and wet and in each mode 2007 gsxr 600 fairings you can change everything you can’t think of like the braking torque and to skip system or traction control or things like traction and pressure of the chassis at the front and rear you have so many possibilities that you need to find your way slowly now there are surely several people loving this but is it possible that on the other side there might be people who got all that engineering about their bike as too much now we have to see that this is the Panigale s the premium version for 25000 euros of course you can buy the regular version and if you have enough money left you can update and by the yes version but you don’t need to use the spectrum of all these setups first you can drive their bike with the basic setup and then slowly get in contact with the additional settings

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